Warranty and Returns :

Warranty :

EasyHolland operates the system of legal consumer warranty, in accordance with the applicable regulations, and any manufacturer’s warranty, which is considered additional and not legal.

The legal guarantee is 2 years and applies only to end users without a VAT number. For VAT holders of any entity, the legal guarantee is 1 year.

The legal guarantee of 2 years covers for the first year all failures of the product due to manufacturing defects and errors of origin, for the second year only those parts that are not used continuously and frequently, in accordance with the applicable regulations in detail.

Additional accessories to the main product in the packages enjoy different forms of warranty (3 to 6 months on average), if not purchased separately by the manufacturer.

Any manufacturer’s warranty fully covers product failures for a period of 1 to 3 years, depending on the individual manufacturer’s specifications.

Included in the packaging is the manufacturer’s warranty manual with instructions. It offers a faster and more efficient warranty service through the service centres distributed throughout the territory or on the recommendation of the manufacturer’s technical support if present in the territory.

The warranty is valid for more than 2 years only if specified by the manufacturer.

In all cases, the warranty runs from the date of purchase on the invoice.

EasyHolland, which is not a manufacturer, as an end-user product distributor, is considered an “intermediary” in the marketing of products. It is therefore subject to the rules governing the trade, sale and warranty of products in terms of commercial protection by the manufacturer, suppliers and applicable regulations. The function and characteristics of a product are originally guaranteed by the manufacturer. It is therefore not legally liable for manufacturing or origin defects.

The above applies both to the type of product and its correct use and installation, to any defects and their causes, and to all accessories attached to the product.

In the event of a product defect, you can contact various brands/manufacturers directly for faster direct warranty/service if provided by the manufacturer, otherwise with Easy Holland, owner of GotDeal, by contacting our customer service: klantenservice@gotdeal.nl.

For all products under legal warranty, the following procedure is followed to avoid disputes or damage to the customer or otherwise the non-acceptance of the product (as stated in the general terms and conditions):

1- The customer shall inform our customer service department of the possible damage. EasyHolland reserves the right, in order to save the customer time, to request photos or otherwise a description of the damage so that the possibility of an immediate solution can be assessed.

2- The Customer must at the same time also indicate the serial number of the product, on the label of each product marked S/N, so that EasyHolland can carry out an initial fiscal and logistical verification of the product, indicating the order or invoice number of the product.

3- EasyHolland shall notify the customer of the authorization to return the product, using the appropriate form and RMA authorization number and return address. Otherwise, no product will be physically accepted and returned to the customer.

4- The customer must return the defective product to the seller, with shipping costs borne by the customer, at our warehouse in NL, unless otherwise stipulated at the time of purchase.

5-  Upon arrival, the product will be tested for any defects (if it works, it will be returned to the customer free of charge). If it is defective, it will be replaced within 30 calendar days at no cost to the customer with the same repaired model or another model that is not inferior to the previous one.

6-  At the customer’s request, a refund can be obtained by means of a credit note. This is only possible if the product cannot be replaced within 30 calendar days, taking into account the value of the actual goods at the time of acceptance of the request, if much time has passed since the date of purchase.

Naturally, EasyHolland and the Customer will communicate in this regard by keeping each other informed of the status of the procedure and, depending on the defect, of any solution suitable for the Customer.

In order to protect the customer, EasyHolland naturally offers great flexibility and availability, also at its own expense, whereby the most suitable solution that is not unwelcome to the customer will be considered on a case-by-case basis with the individual customer, also by telephone, but also protects the seller, for warranty purposes, from the supplier or manufacturer of the goods.

Returns : Right of withdrawal (Legal cooling-off period) :

Under current regulations, the right of withdrawal is a right of the final consumer without a VAT number, i.e. a natural person. Owners of VAT numbers have no right of withdrawal under the current regulations, but only the right to report a product failure within 8 calendar days of any anomaly, using the forms of guarantee described above.

From the day a product is received, the consumer has a statutory cooling-off period of 14 days. Want to return the product? The customer legally has 14 days to decide whether the product meets his or her needs (right of withdrawal), but this right is limited by current regulations to trying the product as in a physical shop and making sure the product remains in its original condition.

The products must be new and complete, undamaged and used as in the first instigation for the first time. Feel free to inspect the product as you would in a shop, but make sure it remains in its original condition, including packaging. If the product is damaged or the packaging is more damaged than necessary to sell the product, we may pass on the depreciation of the product to the customer. Therefore, please treat the product with care and make sure it is correctly packaged when you return it. After all, you bear the risk and cost of the return yourself.

Keep the shipping receipt well, this way you can recover any loss of the product from the delivery service.

In case of acceptance of the right of withdrawal, the trader shall refund the total amount paid by the consumer, including the standard delivery costs, within 14 days after positive verification in accordance with paragraph 4 of the general terms and conditions. If the consumer has chosen a more expensive delivery method than the cheapest standard delivery method, the trader shall not be obliged to refund the additional cost for the more expensive method.

To return a product to us, we use the following returns procedure and only returns that follow this procedure will be accepted and processed:

– Please inform klantenservice@gotdeal.nl by e-mail about the return so that we can open a file and wait for a confirmation e-mail from us. The confirmation e-mail will contain the return instructions, the return form and the code to be entered on the return form.

– You can also download the return form at the bottom of this page.

– The return form must be printed and filled in and returned together with the product; the product must be returned as soon as possible (within 14 days from notification).

– The product must be returned to the entrepreneur with all delivered accessories and – if reasonably possible – in its original state and packaging.

– If the original packaging is damaged and it is therefore not possible to sell it as new, we may pass on this depreciation* to you.

– Please pack the products to be returned carefully and securely in a sturdy box to avoid damage during transport. This is because you bear the risk, responsibility and cost of the return shipment. Something can always go wrong during shipping, such as the product not arriving or being damaged in transit. Keep the proof of shipment well, this way you can complain to the delivery service if the product is lost or damaged.

– Send the track & trace to klantenservice@gotdeal.nl together with a completed copy of the return form (a photo is also sufficient).

As soon as the return arrives at our warehouse, we will send a confirmation e-mail. After we have made the necessary checks and notified you by e-mail, we will refund the amount due in the same way as the payment was made when the order was placed. Always on condition that the product is received in good condition.

Some products fall under the exceptions and cannot be returned:
– Software of which the seal has been broken
– Mobile telephones that have previously been opened and / or repaired and / or otherwise technically processed by third parties
– Digital products (for example: Licenses, software )
– Hygiene products (such as: toothbrushes, hair, foot, skin care products, ear / head phones).

Value reduction

Products that are returned used, damaged, incomplete or without original factory packaging may be subject to a reduction in value. We can only determine this depreciation after you have returned the item.